Welcome to Thoughts at Intervals!

I’m Andrew Cookson, an aspiring writer, novelist and poet.

So what can you expect to find here? The principal concern of this blog is words, and the organisation of those words into all literary forms. I’ll use whichever form seems the best fit to an idea, so expect poetry, flash fiction, short stories, essays and reviews, usually one long piece per week with additional shorter pieces in between.

Often the topic will be words itself, either their home in literature, or the uses and abuses of them in a wider context. Languages, both my native English and those of other nations, will also be explored, as well as other areas of art and culture.

As to why I’m writing this blog: simply that, thoughts occur to me, and I want to explore and record them as elegantly as possible, an idea that I explored in more detail here, Why I Write. Though I know that even this didn’t unearth all the answers. This blog is a means to encourage myself, a means of sharing my work and gaining feedback, and from time to time an outlet on the slow process of writing a novel.

I hope you enjoy reading my work and I welcome your thoughtful input. Please do comment or feel free to email me here.

Thanks for reading!

London, UK.

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